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Everything you need to know before you bring your school group to Me, Human at the Science Museum.

Arrange your visit with us
Arrange your visit with us

We'd love you to bring your school group. So that we can give your students the best experience, please contact us to tell us when you are coming.

Make arrangements with the Science Museum
Make arrangements with the Science Museum

As well as contacting us, you'll need to arrange your school booking with the Science Museum.

Fill in the consent form
Fill in the consent form

Every child will need permission from their parents to participate in the exhibit.

Please bring the signed forms with you when you come.

Photography: Joao De Almeida Beijinho

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Me, Human

What is the exhibit about?

Me, Human is a scientific experiment to investigate how the organisation of our 500 million year-old vertebrate brain is still central to some of our most human unique behaviours.

What happens in the exhibit?

The exhibit runs short experimental activities, in the form of: computer games, board games, listening, speaking, holding tasks and surveys. Depending on which activities are chosen, participants may make judgments about faces and sounds, speak words into a microphone, place pegs into a board, and answer questions.

Each station takes 5-10 minutes. Children can do as many or as few as they like. We have been surprised how many families stay for a full hour.

Who can take part?

Anyone is welcome to take part and the experience (e.g. timing, ability) can be tailored to the individual. Some elements are suitable from birth, but other activities are suitable for participated aged 4 years or older. There is no upper age limit and no exclusions for physical or cognitive impairments.

We are particularly interested in working with children who have special educational needs. We currently work with several SEN schools in London.

How big a group can I bring?

A class of 30 is about the largest we can manage. We'd take ten at a time in the exhibit while the other explored the rest of the museum.

Are there risks involved and can a participant change their mind after starting?

Participation is completely voluntary and you do not have to give a reason if you want to stop at any point. There are no risks to participation, nevertheless, should any participant find any task uncomfortable, testing will cease immediately.

This project has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck, University of London

How do I find out more about this study?

Contact Dr Gillian Forrester at

See also Birkbeck’s data protection policy.

What do I need to do if I want my school to take part?

To book, please email the Science Museum or call them on 020 7942 4777. Explain that you want to visit Me, Human at Live Science.

Please let us know as well – we can close the exhibit to the public so that your students have the best possible experience.

You can download this information page as a leaflet.
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Want to bring a school group? Don't forget to let us know! If you have questions for us, please email