Dr Forrester with Tibs the gorilla
A human story…

As a child, I was fascinated by our closest living relatives – the great apes.

I wondered – what do gorillas and chimps think? How similar is their experience of life to mine?

I scratched this itch by watching documentaries, reading books and eventually taking degrees in San Diego and Oxford.

It was during my studies that I started to learn about brains and how they control behaviour.

What struck me as truly incredible was that there are parts of the human brain that come from when humans and fish shared a common ancestor – over 500 million years ago!

Because we humans are able to think and act in ways unlike any other animal on the planet, it is easy to forget that modern human abilities have their origins in a shared evolutionary history.

I'd like to explore that history with you.

– Gilly

(with Tibs the gorilla at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park)